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Founded in 1978 by Mr. Pedro Lauri Finger, Finger Design Cabinetry is a company that has as its vocation the precision with the details and the search for innovation. It brings in its DNA the German origin.

This German origin gives Finger a passion for design, the nerve to create the new and the concern to provide standards, textures and manufacturing possibilities for professionals and customers to design truly personalized environments.

From the woodwork artisan to the present day, Finger has the commitment and mission of “Transform environments for the well-being of people”, a tradition that has lasted more than 45 years, and today it is established as one of the brands that grows the most in Brazil.

  • MissionTransform environments for the well-being of people!
  • VisionBeing part of people's lives!
  • ValuesInnovation | Credibility | Respect | Sustainability | Discipline
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We have a factory park that is one of the most modern in Latin America, more than 150 stores in Brazil and professionals trained with a single goal:

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“Throughout its history, Finger has built solid relationships with its partners, based on trust and commitment with ethical and honest conduct in all its actions; for believing that good coexistence, honesty and commitment to the satisfaction of all those who are part of its business are essential to maintain a sustainable and satisfactory development for everybody.

Our conduct and ethics code gather principles and values that portray Finger’s identity and, in releasing it, we seek to show to all involved in our business the practices that should be adopted in order to facilitate the creation of a transparent and harmonious relationship with all our partners.

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It is imperative that everyone be aware of and seek to adopt these ethical practices, with respect and responsibility so we may strengthen the bonds that unite us, because our attitudes show much about who we are.

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Rod. RS 404- km 04 – Distrito Industrial
Sarandi – RS - CEP: 99560-000

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