Code of conduct and ethics

Finger Furniture Industry is a company that has been in the market for more than 42 years, working in the field of planned furniture.Finger constantly invests in modern technologies to produce high quality products that fully satisfy its consumers, prioritizing the qualification of its services and the people who make up its workforce.The Finger Furniture Industry created this Code of Ethics and Conduct aiming to contribute to the safety and well-being of everyone in the company with seriousness and commitment, showing concern for the good environment at work.

Message from the president

“Throughout its history Finger has built solid relationships with its partners, based on trust and commitment to ethical and honest conduct in all its actions; for believing that good coexistence, honesty and commitment to the satisfaction of all those who are part of your business are fundamental to maintaining a sustainable and satisfactory development for all.
This Code of Conduct and ethics brings together principles and values that portray Finger’s identity, by publicizing it we seek to show to all parties involved in our business the practices that should be adopted to facilitate the creation of a transparent and harmonious relationship with all our partners.
It is imperative that everyone be aware of and seek to adopt these ethical practices, with respect and responsibility so as to further strengthen the bonds that unite us, because our attitudes say a lot about who we are.


“Transform environments”.


“Transform environments for the well being of people”.


“Being part of people’s lives”.


Innovation: Anticipating market trends by providing products and services that consumer wants to buy, setting challenging goals.

Credibility: Establish relationships of trust and durability between Finger, Customers, Consumers, Employees, Society and other interested ones.

Respect: Respect the rules, agreements, work patterns, differences in relationships with people involved in Finger’s operation.

Sustainability: Produce results for the business, respecting social and environmental resources.

Discipline: Doing well done, acting responsibly with stakeholders to value the Finger brand


The Finger Furniture Industry is responsible for a work environment where there is integrity, harmony and trust:


  1. a) Health and Safety

Offering equipment, adequate facilities and methods necessary to ensure a safe environment according to its activities.

Prioritizing safety and health, guiding and demanding compliance with established rules and procedures.

  1. b) Discrimination

No employee or potential employee will receive discriminatory treatment as a result of race, color, disease, ethnic origin, nationality, social position, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical, mental or psychic condition, marital status, opinion , political conviction or any other factor of individual differentiation.

Taking preventive and corrective disciplinary actions against those responsible for any activity that is discriminatory, unethical, harassing, sexual or that put in risk the safety or physical integrity.

Encouraging employees to immediately report to the company’s management, without fear of retaliation, any unethical, illegal, discriminatory or risky conduct for safety or any activity that appears to create situations of embarrassment or inadequacy.

Observing the right to confidentiality of each of its employees, not allowing the disclosure of personal information that may embarrass or expose them.

Promoting equal opportunities for all employees, in all policies, practices and procedures, to use the individual merit based on performance measurement as an exclusive criterion for professional advancement, and to guarantee their right to know the evaluation criteria and functional progression.

Respecting and promoting diversity and combating all forms of prejudice and discrimination, through a transparent policy of admission, training, promotion and dismissal.

  1. c) Free Association

Recognizing the right of free association of their employees and respecting their participation in unions and not practicing any type of negative discrimination related to their unionized employees.

  1. d) Development and Remuneration

Understanding that the development of the company depends directly on the development of its employees, always valuing and encouraging this growth.

Maintaining a compensation system that seeks to recognize the performance of each employee. Believing that individual development goes beyond personal and professional aspects, supporting the involvement of its employees in social projects, especially in the community.

Valuing and encouraging entrepreneurship and personal responsibility for results.

  1. e) Respect and Trust

Prioritizing the relationship and communication with its employees, in an ethical and transparent manner based on the trust and commitment of both parties.

Believing that its greatest asset is its employees, acting with respect and dignity in every stage, from admission to detachment.


Valuing the good relationship with representative entities of the employer class and professional categories, seeking the development of harmonious working relationships.

Valuing negotiations in favor of solutions, avoiding to the maximum, the conflicts.

Seeking the permanent conciliation of interests and realization of rights, through institutional channels of negotiation, in its relationship with the unions representing the employees.


Encouraging long-term relationships, supported by mutual trust and commitment.

Respecting and valuing the design, manufacture and sale of products and services, seeking satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations, always offering the best concepts and practices available.

Repairing possible damages caused under your responsibility to its customers, with the maximum agility, within feasible deadlines.

Keeping the information received from its clients, as well as providing data and documents, when requested, restricted to the persons involved and in a confidential way, about the organization with honesty, respect and transparency.

Unfair commercial practices such as cartel formation, product makeup, misleading or abusive advertising are not ethical practices of Finger Furniture Industry.


Committing to the adequate use of its financial resources, also as a way of showing respect, in addition to the equality and transparency of information provided to shareholders and the market.

Maintaining accurate, complete and true accounting records, in addition to financial statements in accordance with accounting principles.

Working on its internal controls and financial disclosure processes, with a solid system, which guarantees the confidence and the necessary changes to the disclosure of its financial statements.


Selecting and contracting suppliers and service providers based on strictly legal and technical criteria of quality, cost and punctuality, demanding ethical profile in their management practices and social and environmental responsibility, refusing practices of unfair competition, child labor, forced labor or compulsory and other practices contrary to the principles of this Code, including in the production chain of such suppliers.

Valuing a relationship of trust with its suppliers, seeking the development of its social, environmental, health and safety and quality systems aligned with the policy and goals of Finger Furniture Industry, reserving the right to terminate any business relationship in case of contractual noncompliance or labor, tax and legal obligations.

Providing to the employees of companies that provide services, when in operation at its premises, the same healthy and safe conditions offered in the work to its employees. Requiring service companies to have their employees respect the ethical principles and commitments of conduct set forth in this Code while they continue to contract with the Finger Furniture Industry.


Competing based on the quality of your products and services. Using commercial practices aligned with the values of the company in relation to competitors, respecting the legislation of the markets in which it operates.

Not engaging in illegal or improper actions to obtain trade secrets, nor using inappropriate artifacts and unethical arguments to denigrate the competitor’s image to the market.

Not authorizing any employee to provide information or discuss with competitors the plans for marketing and dissemination of Finger Furniture Industry products and services.


Equally treating all the public, regardless of creed, race, origin, religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation or any other condition that could give rise to discrimination.

Not advertising campaigns with content that is deceptive or incompatible with company values or with free competition. Promoting voluntary initiatives of its employees, with the goal of mobilizing and enhancing their resources and skills in an integrated and systemic way, for the benefit of the communities where act.

Repairing possible losses or damages resulting from damages caused under its responsibility to the affected people or communities, with maximum agility.


Maintaining an environmental management system, for continuous improvement of its processes, including the production chain and promoting internal and external actions of environmental awareness.

Commitment to the environmental preservation, attending and supporting projects that seek the remediation of damages, reduction, reuse and recycling of materials that can become risks to the environment.

Preventing pollution and minimizing any impact that its activities may have on the environment and the community.

Investing in projects, products and services, maximizing their benefits, in the economic, social, environmental and minimizing their impacts.

Promoting rational use of water and energy; the reduction of consumption and the reduction of solid waste generation. Identifying, evaluating and managing their environmental liabilities by acting preventively and correctively in solving the problems that caused them.


Acting in order to contribute decisively to economic development, technological, environmental, social, political and cultural of the municipality in which it operates.

Exercising social influence, in all media, as part of the exercise of its economic, environmental, social, political and cultural responsibility in the municipality in which it operates.

Commitment to sustainable development through specific programs and projects.

Refusing any practices of corruption and bribery, maintaining controls and consequences on possible transgressions.


Keeping an open channel with the press in general, making available all the information needed to clarify and publicize its activities.

Defending the free press and the right to information, basing its relationship with the media through independence, transparency and mutual respect.

Providing information about the company through authorized sources..


By the nature of its business, the Finger Furniture Industry handles information from various sources. This information is confidential and should only be used for the performance of the duties of each employee and can only be disclosed: by express decision and in writing of the board of directors, by formal request of the client and by legal requirement or court order.

Documents and other data relating to the Finger Furniture Industry business, especially those of a financial nature, are also confidential.

Documents related to the specification of products, software, hardware and applications developed or in use are also confidential and proprietary to the Finger Furniture Industry, even if the employee has participated in its development.

The Finger Furniture Industry also guarantees the use of reliable auditing and security mechanisms in the company in order to mitigate business risks, prevent the occurrence of fraud or ensure that there are ways to identify them when they occur, ensuring transparency and truthfulness information in the management of the company.


Repudiating slave and child labor, as well as any other form of degradation of human working conditions.

By demonstrating an interest in receiving complaints or reports of illegal or unethical conduct by suppliers, consultants, representatives or any other person or organization that has a relationship with the Finger Furniture Industry, any person or company may contact by the electronic communication:


The duties of the Officers, Managers, Supervisors, Coordinators, Leaders and other occupants of positions that are under their responsibility groups of collaborators:

  1. Demonstrate personal commitment to defined standards of conduct, aiming for your team to work in accordance with ethical principles;
  2. Ensure the provision of this code to all employees of its teams;

Periodically review the content and understanding of this code with its teams;

Emphasize for its teams the need for continuous commitment to the company’s standards of conduct;

Maintain a work climate that encourages frank and open communication taking into account the importance of working under defined principles;

Subjects discussed at the meeting should be kept confidential, only information authorized by the meeting coordinator may be passed on to the group of collaborators;

Ensure that there will be no retaliation against any employee who reports any ethical or legal occurrence related to the company.


Standards of Conduct

The conduct and profitability of the Finger Furniture Industry depend on the attitudes of many people, so it is very important that each employee understands the standards of conduct, as they will be responsible for maintaining them:

Protect the assets of the Finger Furniture Industry and those entrusted to it, including physical properties and business information against loss, theft and misuse;

Use all information in an accurate, honest and adequate manner;

Perform the activities for which it is designated in a responsible, reliable, cooperative and committed way with high levels of productivity and quality;

Respect the privacy and dignity of each employee;

Create a work environment free of any forms of embarrassment;

Represent the Finger Furniture Industry in accordance with applicable laws, demonstrating sensitivity to the fair needs and expectations of our customers, shareholders, colleagues, outsourcers, representatives, suppliers, creditors, union units, local communities and government;

Agree to the laws of the location where the Finger Furniture Industry is installed, including laws relating to equal employment opportunity, fair competition, the environment, and negotiations with government representatives;

Protect, preserve and seek growth of the company’s assets and financial resources only through legal and ethical means.

Each employee is required to act honestly, avoid conflicts of interest, comply fully with all contract items, avoid unlawful discrimination in any activity, avoid conflicts with competitors, damage to the environment, or violation of laws.

15. Employees who fail to comply with standards of conduct will be facing penalties provided by law.


  1. To perceive situations that may lead to illegal, discriminatory, unethical actions that endanger security or other inappropriate conduct;
  2. Alert any colleague who violates the standards of the Finger Furniture Industry and, in case the situation is not corrected, bring the information to the superior who will register the complaint formally. If the employee perceives involvement of his immediate supervisor in inappropriate conduct, he must immediately notify the company’s management through the telephone: 0800-7033072
  3. Preserve confidential information used in its work avoiding comment or disclosure to unauthorized people as well as not making any kind of alteration in documents containing private data of the Finger Furniture Industry;
  4. Treat colleagues with respect and courtesy without discriminating against or constraining them due to differences in race, color, disease, ethnic origin, nationality, social position, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, personal aesthetics, condition physical, mental or psychic, marital status, opinion, political conviction, or any other factor of individual differentiation;
  5. Do not engage in political activities on behalf of the Finger Furniture Industry or using its resources. Engagement in political activities must be on its own as any citizen, using his free time without suggesting representation or support from the Finger Furniture Industry;
  6. Employees may not collect, retain, use, transfer or disclose information about other employees, except when authorized by the Finger Furniture Industry;
  7. Select suppliers based on technical, professional, ethical criteria and the needs of the Company. Avoiding business with non-reputable suppliers;
  8. Use the power and prestige of the position that occupies only to legitimize the objectives of the Furniture Industry Finger Ltda without benefiting personally, avoiding any conduct that suggests conflict of interests of the employee with those of the company;
  9. Stop any activity that pollutes the environment;
  10. Do not endanger the financial and patrimonial security of the Company; nor maintain commercial relations, as representative of the Organization, with companies in which he/she or people in their personal relationship have an interest or participation – direct or indirect, without the company’s authorization;
  11. Watch over your personal assets in the performance of your duties, and the company is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal assets of employees when they are performing work in the company;
  12. It is prohibited to accept or offer favors, gifts or personal gifts in kind that result from relationships with customers, suppliers or service providers and that may influence decisions, facilitate business or benefit third parties.

Obs.1: Gifts, that exceed the limit value of 1/6 minimum salary in force, must be donated for a lottery in celebrations of the company;

Obs.2: In some cases, gifts can be offered, but never excessive or extravagant. The Company regulates the offer of usual gifts (ex: pen, keyring, ruler, appointment book…) of the company to customers and suppliers.

  1. Only with the permission of the management, the employee who attends the supplier may leave for lunch or dinner with the person in the performance of his duties;
  2. Use their working hours to the company in a productive way, not developing professional or commercial activities for other companies or their own conflicting with the activities, schedules or interests, dedicating themselves to activities directly related to the business of the Finger Furniture Industry.
  3. Technology is a valuable asset and it is illegal to use information about it for any other purpose than that for which it is intended. It is not permitted to use for private purposes or pass on to third parties, technologies, resources, methodologies, know-how and other information owned by the Organization or developed or obtained by it;
  4. Comply with standards of quality, environment, social responsibility, health and safety at work;
  5. Always use personal and collective protective equipment;
  6. Do not provide information owned by the Organization to competitors, in addition to using equipment and other resources of the Company for private purposes, without being authorized;
  7. Only with the prior authorization of the company may you use the name of the Finger Furniture Industry in Academic Works;
  8. If someone outside the Company questions you about the Finger Furniture Industry, only respond to what you are authorized to do. If not, refer the person to whom you can. If you do not know who he/she is, consult your immediate superior;
  9. Do not cause voluntary damages or do not adequately preserve the Company’s assets (Equipment, materials, information, technologies, strategies and operational facilities);
  10. Do not use the electronic address for purposes with illegal content, pornography, racism, religion or politics;
  11. Not to promote any type of Trade (sales) of any nature within the limits of the company;
  12. It is prohibited to accept sponsorship from suppliers to make any type of clothing, utensil or other means of promoting it, unless authorized by the Company’s Management;
  13. Properly use internal channels to express opinions, suggestions, complaints, criticisms and complaints, engaging in the continuous improvement of processes and procedures;
  14. Keep confidential the strategic information and those relating to material acts or facts not yet disclosed to the market, to which they have had access, as well as to ensure that others also do so, except when authorized;
  15. Respecting intellectual property and recognizing the merits of work performed by colleagues, regardless of their hierarchical position;
  16. Do not consume alcoholic beverages during working hours, nor enter the premises of the company in a state of drunkenness of any degree, nor is it allowed access to the premises of the company using and / or carrying drugs and weapons of any kind.
  17. It is forbidden to carry any goods belonging to the Finger Furniture Industry without proper authorization, so that the company reserves the right to carry out inspection in any and every employee whenever it seems necessary;
  18. To enforce for yourself and for others the code of ethics described above;

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