Finger’s differentials

Get to know the differentials which
make our projects a unique experience.

We are always thrilled to offer well-being, beauty, practicality and warmth so that you can embrace and welcome everyone you care for through your personalized environment, the physical expression of your soul.

This philosophy has become the core of Finger since its foundation more than 45 years ago. This vision internalized and rose with the mission to transform environments to bring well-being to people, harmonizing the best of European design with precision.

Sala Living - Cedar e Stein - Soul Collection
Lacklaminat High Gloss

With an unrivaled brightness, the Lacklaminat High Gloss pattern generates the perception of space enlargement. It has very high reflectivity and also greater resistance to scratches when compared to paintings. Produced with Polymeric Resin Laminate, it is a product coming from Milan, Italy, with Finger exclusivity in Brazil.

Lacklaminat Matt

With the Lacklaminat Premier e Soft Matt (velvety matt), the Extrem pattern brings a very pleasant feel to the touch and warms up the environments. Its main characteristic is not to retain fat from the fingers and hands on the surface. Produced with Polymer Resin Laminate, it is a product from Buriasco, Italy, with Finger exclusivity in Brazil.

Provençal Berlin

Romanticism and the memories of the Provencal style are returning with great force. With lightweight design, rich in detail and with country air, it creates a cozy space, perfect for all the environments of your home. Produced with Polymer Resin Laminate, it is a product from Cramlington, England, with Finger exclusivity in Brazil.

linha couro
LackLaminat - Natural Leather

A light touch so real and warm that you have a sensation that the panels are made of natural leather. It brings so much charm and sophistication. So versatile that can be applied to the internal parts of the furniture, making them even more visually harmonic. Made with polymer resin, from Munique, in Germany, with exclusivity by Finger in Brazil.

Stark Panels

The strength of the solid wood composes the feeling of warmth, coming to meet the natural tendencies, conserving the essence of the wood making each piece unique. These are the characteristics to deliver to your projects a touch of well-being.


Customizable Panels

Get out of the common place and differentiate your projects. With editable panels you enjoy every inch of your space. And best of all, you can use all the standards offered by Finger, including those produced with the unique Polymeric Resin Laminate.



The Kurve’s sinuous lines create a sense of tranquility and smooth movement, making your local environments perfect for you to relax, they can be applied in any space making your environments unique and exclusive.


Several models of handles with diversity of materials, colors and finishes. Everything so that your environments gain a lighter and elegant look and your daily life more functional.


acessórios dormitório
Accessories and Dividers

The accessories that create a great differential in every detail of your project, bringing the personality of each client to the environment of their dreams, besides helping the organization of your spaces making your daily life much more pleasant

Hettich Frame Slides

The Hettich frame slides slide perfectly. They are not apparent, providing a more sophisticated finish and a greater internal space. They offer a high ease of handling, cleaning and maintenance and also a smoother movement to open and close. It presents greater resistance and stability compared to the telescopic slide.


Finger moveis planejados 2022 parque fabril
Finger quality is present in everything you do.

A brand that has worked for over 45 years to deliver quality, safety and well-being to you. Did you like it? Even better is seeing and feeling the textures and patterns, features and colors in person. Stop by one of our stores. We wait for you.


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