Origins Collection

For you to rest, we will never rest.

We are eternally restless. It is in our nature to seek the new, the untried, the original all because of our commitment to surpass the expectations of our customers. And this is the quest for innovation that drives Finger ever further, seeking new challenges.

This tradition goes back 43 years, when German precision and the search for the best European design invaded the company’s culture. It has led to creating innovative products, with superior quality and originality, while working with responsibility, respect, initiative, and sustainability.

Today, with a manufacturing park designated as one of the most modern in Latin America, and a network of stores from north to south of Brazil, Finger continues to surpass its own standards of excellence in: process, talent, research, technology, and creativity. Because it is in our mission to turn environments into well-being for our clients, it is our mission to produce more than furniture. It is in our mission to produce environments that promote enchantment.

Edson Finger


The concept

It’s inside you, it’s inside us.

When creating an environment or accessory, everything counts: material, color, function, and texture. All of these elements are driven by human behavior. This is how trends are born: one behavior leads to another in response.


Get to know what German precision and the best of design can do for your ideas and get inspired.

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